The club night is divided into sections:


Opening Ceremonies: Prayer/Pledges: Quiet with head bowed and hats off. If you arrive late and opening ceremonies have already begun, please stand still, be quiet and wait until the prayer and pledges are finished.

Game Time: Game time is the club segment when clubbers enjoy fun games on the unique AWANA game square. Sparks and T&T will be assigned one of the four team colors (red, blue, green or yellow) to play games. Visitors are placed on the color team of the clubber who brought them.Good sportsmanship, participation, stay behind your team color line, listen to instructions, cheer for your team. Cubbies play their own games in their club room and have playtime on the playground.

Large Group Time: Clubbers are expected to be quiet, except when called on. Clubbers are not to leave their seats for water or restroom breaks after council time begins.

Small Group Time: Bibles and handbooks ready. If not saying a section to a leader, clubber should be studying their handbook. 

 Small Group time is a special time each night when clubbers and leaders can connect.  Leader will go deeper into the lesson and the clubbers will take turns reciting the verse they have studied throughout the week.  It is important to have your clubber ready to recite the verse, but it is even more important to ensure they know what it means. We want to emphasize memorization with retention and understanding.

Section Guidelines

  • Sections must be passed in order unless stated otherwise in the book.
  • A section includes the question, the answer, all verses and review verses.
  • Recite one verse to the Listener, and then let someone else recite their verse before you recite another.
  • Reciting of verse with two help maximum.
  • Silver & Gold (T&T) & Sparkies Review level sections may be done later (after finishing handbook)
  • To complete a handbook in one year, a child should complete two to three sections each week.
  • Clubbers can receive no more than two (2) helps (for the entire section) to recite a section.

The AWANA handbook is a vital tool for your child’s success in the AWANA program. It helps your clubber to learn about God as well as to reinforce positive moral standards. Clubbers must have their handbooks at club each night and it is expected that each section is memorized and reviewed with a parent prior to attending club. Clubbers earn extra points when their sections are signed off by a parent. This shows that the clubber has practiced and has said the verse for you before club night. Awards are given when a clubber finishes a book. 

What to Wear

Your child should wear their designated uniform, tennis shoes and long pants for running and playing each week. Tennis shoes, long pants and comfortable clothing must be worn in order to participate safely in the activities held on a typical evening. Some activities are difficult to participate in wearing skirts, heels, flip-flops, sandals, or dress shoes. Clubbers and leaders are expected to wear their uniform on the outside of their shirts to every club meeting.The goal of each AWANA club is to have 100% of its attendees in uniform. A properly worn uniform helps AWANA clubbers and leaders earn respect and credibility. Note: clubbers may not receive an award if not in proper uniform.

General Standards

  • Pushing, shoving and roughhousing are not allowed.
  • Running is allowed only on the game square
  • Gum and candy should be left at home.
  • Language is to be positive and uplifting.
  • All leaders, workers and other adults will be respected at all times (in action and attitudes).