Our first night of club is September 12th, our theme for the 1st night is Goofy Glasses.

If you would like to register your child, please fill out the registration form and email it to us, so that we can get your registration started, and pay your dues on the first night of club.  -Or, hand carry your completed registration form with/without payment to either MVCC or Grace Community during their regular business hours.

Registration Fees/Dues

All outstanding registration fees must be paid on the first night of club. Payment plans are accepted but must be arranged on the 1st night of club. This year, it was on our hearts to offer a 3 child cap on registration DUES. Dues will not exceed $135.00 per family. Books and Uniforms must still be paid for each child. We accept cash and checks. Please make all checks payable to: Ramona Awana. We offer a $20.00 discount on Registration Fees for leaders. 

Handbooks and Book Bags

On the first night of Awana, all members in each club will be given an entrance booklet to complete. Upon completion of the booklet, handbooks will be awarded  We strongly recommend having a special bag for Awana, that is not used for anything else, to keep a Bible, handbook, pens, etc. Ramona Awana has Sparks and T&T bags for sale along with other Awana drawstring bags. We will have a merchandise table set up on September 12th at both Grace and MVCC.  Awana Journey, Trek, and Cubby bags, along with other merchandise, can be purchased from Awana.org. Please contact Ramona Awana if you would like to purchase additional merchandise.


We are going back to the Awana vests for Cubbies and Sparks. Your clubbers will be awarded their vests upon completion of the Appleseed Acres or “Flight 3:16” booklet. Ramona Awana T-Shirts are still available for Cubbies and Sparks and can be purchased for an additional $10.00. We also have Sparky Display Vests for those wanting to wear the T-Shirt without patches and pins and apply them to this keepsake display. The uniform for T&T, Trek, and Journey is the Ramona Awana T-Shirt. T-Shirts will be issued on the 1st night of club. Once a shirt or vest has been purchased for the child’s club, you do not need to buy another uniform unless it is lost or outgrown. Please have your clubber wear tennis shoes to Awana for safety on the game square and wear his or her uniform each Wednesday.

We are excited for your family to be part of Ramona Awana!