Advocates Bible Study Book:

Hi! Ready to go on a journey? Join Journey Club and You’ll dive deep into some of the most common questions about life and the Christian faith.

Through “Advocates” clubbers explore how a biblical worldview provides the best explanations for some of the toughest questions in life. We’re not going to cover every detail, but we are going to walk systematically through major issues and arguments students will face as they share their faith with the world. By the end of AWANA this year you will be equipped to fully understand and own your faith as well as be prepared to share the gospel with grace and truth.

Before you get started, we’ve laid out how to get the most out of the “Advocates” bible study book to get you a leg up on your journey. We have also include what is expected for a leader to sign off on a section to give the clubbers a head start on what to expect. Ready to get started? Let’s go!

How to use the Advocates Bible Study Book

Students are to work on the study daily during the week to build a habit of seeking the Lord daily for all their needs. All the work should be complete by Club start time. There will be no time during club which will be spent getting the clubber diving deeper into the understanding of God and developing that love relationship that God desires to have with each of us. Since Journey Club is on Wednesday night, Day 1 of the study is Thursday.

Day 1: Intro Activity: Where do you begin? Start here! with prayer to have the Holy Spirit open your eyes and ears spiritually so you will be prepared to hear what God has to say to you. Each lesson begins with an experience to help you launch into the Core Concept for the week. There is space for you to create, draw, attach photos of creations, make lists, etc… All sections need to be completed for a leader sign off.

Day 2: Video: Watch a video, take notes. Pay attention to key elements of the topic covered and the memory verse.

The Core Verse is the memory verse, memorize it to get a leader sign off. Below each core verse is a light explanation of what the verse means. Learn what it means in your own words.

Day 3: A Core Concept is included for every lesson. A one sentence main lesson idea and a notable word(s) with a definition to help you with current and future Bible study. Add each word to you vocabulary list.

Core Content begins with a Scripture passage. Always start by reading God’s word first then read through the study.

Day 4 to 5:  Questions are provided each week for you to choose 2 to explore or if you have questions of your own write those out as a basis for small group discussion

Day 6 to 7: Action Steps and Speaker Notes are your challenge to take what you’ve learned each week and put it into action. This is your opportunity to commit to living according to what God has called you to through the Bible study. This must be completed for leader sign off.

In Summary to get leader sign off you must complete the intro activity at the beginning of each lesson, memorize the Core Verse(s) and respond to two exploration questions.

Journey Club Purpose  and Goal

The Ramona AWANA Journey club is designed for young adults in 9th through 12th grade. The ministry is designed to reach teenagers where they are and disciple them to a higher level.

Leaders In Training (LITs)

High school clubbers start their adventure in Journey club as Leaders in Training (LITs). An LIT is under the mentor-ship of an adult leader. LITs perform service by helping and developing relationships with younger club members as they work through the different aspects of the club night. LITs accomplish this by leading games, small groups and keeping peace during Council time under the guidance of an adult club leader.

When young people get their first taste of ministry service through student leadership, they usually get hungry for more. Listen to this testimony from a student leader from Elkridge, Maryland:

“I started volunteering at Awana during my freshman year at high school. I watched my older friends become student leaders, and I saw how much it affected them and the children that they worked with. I knew that when I was old enough, I wanted to become one, too, because I wanted to make a difference in children’s lives also.”

“Being a student leader has shown me responsibility because there are many Friday nights when I’m really tired and I don’t feel like going, but I go anyway. These children have become part of me, and I wouldn’t miss an Awana meeting for the world. Awana is open to everyone, and many children come from broken homes. There are children who come to Awana that are physically or mentally challenged, but none of it matters.”

“Awana provides every child a chance to come and have fun without having to worry about their background or appearance. The children have taught me that volunteering and giving time to others is a gift from the heart.”

Journey Awards

Journey clubbers have the opportunity to earn awards throughout the club year. Most awards are earned by completing sections in handbooks, but some are given for attendance. The Citation Award is the highest achievement award afforded by AWANA, awarded only to high-school seniors who have completed 10 of the 3rd through 12th grade handbooks. Accomplishing the Citation award involves memorizing approximately 625 verses and includes all associated studies and activities through out the 10 books required.

Citation Award


Congratulations 2016 Citation Award Earners!

Front row: Jared Miller, Liam Kelley, Wyatt Stevens, Jacqueline Wells

Second row: Renee & Steve Miller, Sandra & Kevin Kelley, Laurie & Bill Stevens, Jordan & Flo Wells


Congratulations 2015 Citation Award Earners!

2015 Ramona Awana Citation Earners

Starting left- Awana Missionary Tim Sandvall, Clay Grant, Alicia Springfield, Helen Paris, Bella La Rosa, Rose Schweizer,

Journey Directors Veronica & Kevin Springfield

Congratulations 2014 Citation Award Earners!


Kristin Bendorf, Phillip Shults, Kory Duvalian, Elizabeth Schweizer

Congratulations 2013 Citation Award Earners!


Aaron Paris, Joy Grant, Rickey Rae Thomas, Haley Walter, Olivia Springfield, Rachel Riley