Ramona AWANA Trek Club

The Trek program challenges middle school students to consider their destiny in Christ and pursue it through life application of God’s Word. This family fun club is in a different format than the younger clubs. Games, handbooks, and activities are geared toward young teens. The handbooks are daily study activities that the clubber and parent can use to get closer as a family by discussing each daily assignment. Parent involvement encourages the clubber daily and earns extra points for each parent initial and date completed. Handbook groups are used as a check of the work completed during the week and to discuss the activities on a deeper level to gain the clubber greater understanding of God to help them grow in the love relationship that God desires us to have with Him with dedicated AWANA leaders.

The three books used in Trek are His Story, His Love, and His People.  Trek uses the theme of running a race in this three-year program, using Paul’s illustration of the Christian walk in 1 Corinthians 9:24. The TREK Check booklet contains six units which are a review for most clubbers who have been in the T&T program. The Trek handbooks each contain 32 units and various individual projects, such as missions and serving in the church. Each of the handbooks also has additional reading assignments to assist the clubber in reading through the New Testament in the three year program. The Citation award requires all books and additional reading to be completed.

For the 2018-2019 Year, Trek will be diving into His Love

Trek Awards

Your child has the opportunity to earn awards throughout the club year. Most awards are earned by completing sections in handbooks, but some are given for attendance.

  • Milestone Award: This award honors students for completing one year of Trek Bible Studies.
  • Meritorious Award: (6th book) For those who have completed any six 3rd through 12th grade handbooks or studies, including all associated activities. Includes an award pin.
Milestone Award
Meritorious Award